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Just a Dog
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December 01, 2012
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Sometimes a dog isn't just a dog - sometimes he's the glue the holds a whole family together. Mr. Mosely is a special dog. Not just because he's so big (he's part Great Dane.) Not just because he's all white (with one black spot under his eye and a heart shaped splotch on his chest.) Not just because he's clumsy, or because of tricks (he only knows one, and it's not very good.) He's special because he seems to know exactly what everyone in Corey's family needs, even when they don't know themselves. This is the story of Mr. Mosely, from his puppyhood to the last time he curls up on the back porch. It's the story of how sometimes a dog isn't "just a dog". Sometimes he's the glue the holds a whole family together.

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Sad, Sad Dog Book
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This is a tremendously sad dog book. Corey is glad to have Mr. Mosely, a Great Dane/Dalmatian mix, in his life, especially since times are tough for his family. Mr. Mosely if often comic relief-- like when he savages a Pink Panther stuffed animal he thinks is menacing Corey's younger sister-- but more often is a source of anxiety. He manages to go missing and get a fishhook stuck in his mouth, get hit by a car, and eventually get cancer. Yes, by the end of the book, Mr. Mosely dies. Still, he is an integral part of Corey's life, and helps him make it through tough times like his father losing his job and family fights.
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This is a rather suspenseful book; every chapter ends with the promise of something terrible happening.
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