Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit
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August 07, 2012
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Charlie Joe Jackson, the most reluctant reader ever born, made it his mission in the first book to get through middle school without reading a single book from cover to cover. Now he's back, and trying desperately to get straight A's in order to avoid going to academic camp for the summer. In order to do this, he will have to betray his friend, lose the girl of his dreams, and end up acting in a school play about the inventor of paper towels. Charlie Joe's not exactly the "school play kind of guy", but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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Just in time for Back to School reading!
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Charlie Joe’s report card is really bad, and his parents and guidance counselor have come up with a solution-- over the summer, he will attend Camp Rituhbukee, where he will not be able to play video games and hang out all summer, but will have to READ BOOKS. In order to escape this terrible fate, Charlie Joe makes a deal. He has to get all A’s in his classes, with one B in his worst subject, science. This is an impossible task, because Charlie Joe is That Student; the one who is forever bedeviling the teacher in some way. His friends tell him that he will need to approach his teachers about extra credit. His gym teacher asks him to become involved in student government, his art teacher wants him to pose for a picture she is painting, and his drama teacher has him try out for the school play. Charlie also studies really hard and tries to behave in class. He is still fond of Hannah Spivero, who happens to being dating his best friend, so he is not hurting when she is cast opposite him in the play... and they have a kiss scripted! This is a bit of a problem, though, when he realizes that he likes a returning student, Zoe. Both girls act jealous at some points. In the end, Charlie barely squeaks by with grades, but his parents agree his efforts should be rewarded, but a reformed Charlie wants to do the best thing for his own future success in school.
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I adore Charlie Joe, and so do the readers at my school. Excellent mix of romance, funny, and a main character who is like the vast majority of the kids in my school-- well-meaning but often misguided.
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