The Paradise Trap

The Paradise Trap
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April 24, 2012
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A boy . . . a witch . . . and a totally sinister paradise: that’s what Marcus gets when his mom rents a scuzzy trailer and parks it near a dirty, noisy beach. Some vacation! Marcus would rather play video games anyway, but when he discovers a staircase underneath the trailer, it looks as if he may be in for some kind of multilevel, multiplayer experience controlled by a complete nightmare of a witch. It’s just like a game—except it’s all too real.

The author of Evil Genius spins a brilliantly compelling yarn of a journey into a dark and twisted land—because once you enter the Paradise Trap, there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever leave!

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Be careful on the beach
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Marcus is less than thrilled when his mother inists that the spend the summer at Diamond Beach, living in a very gross and rundown travel trailer. He's even less thrilled when they pull into the cheaper end of the park and realize that they can't even see the beach from where they are. When they travel to the water, they have to pass through the spiffy new area with the expensive trailers, and Marcus' recently divorced mom, Holly, runs into a woman she knew as a girl at the beach. Coco's husband is a tech inventor, and their house is filled with all sorts of upgrades. Marcus meets Coco's stepchildren, Edison and Newton, and they visit Marcus' trailer, only to find out that it has a cellar. In the cellar is a Land of the Lotus Eaters type trap-- it will provide you with the best vacation you could imagine. Edison gets sucked in first, then Newton, and when Marcus tries to get Coco to help, she gets sucked in, too. It turns out that the trailer has a connection to Holly and Coco's past at the beach, and may hold the key to the disappearance of a boy on whom Holly had a crush. Can Marcus and Edison figure out what is going on in time to save everyone from being trapped forever in their own version of paradise?

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I liked Jinks' Living Hell as well as her Pagan's Crusade series, and of course Evil Genius. I wasn't sure I would like this one, but I really did. Even though Jinks is Australian, and a lot of Australian books fall flat for me, she always turns out a good tale. Of course, now I want to go camping in a trailer!

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