Ted & Me

Ted & Me
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March 20, 2012
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Stosh should have figured that the FBI would find him eventually.

Now they’ve turned up on his doorstep—and they know all about his ability to travel through time using baseball cards. In fact, they want to send him back in time on a mission: to warn President Roosevelt about the attack on Pearl Harbor!

But when Stosh finds out that his “ticket” back to 1941 is a Ted Williams card, he starts planning a mission of his own. Williams is one of the greatest hitters of all time—even though he lost almost five years of his career to serve in the Marines. How many more home runs would the Splendid Splinter have hit if he had those years back? What if Stosh can prevent the attack on Pearl Harbor and convince Williams not to serve in the military?

Sometimes you can change history. Sometimes history can change you.

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Stosh is back, and this time the CIA on to his time traveling abilities and willing to pay him to go back, meet Ted Williams, travel to see the president, and try to avoid the bombing of Pearl Harbor in order to save thousands of lives. Even Stosh doesn't think this is a great idea, and when the CIA's baseball card sends him into Williams' plane when he is running a mission over Korea in 1953, he is even more unsure of the plan. Still, he is willing to go in order to try to save his friend Flip's boyhood friend, who was killed in the bombing. Stosh finally gets to September of 1941 and is there to see William's get his .400. When Stosh predicts every play of the game, Williams knows that something is up, and when he finds out about Stosh's abilities, takes him off to Washington. Will Stosh be able to complete his mission, or are there times when there is nothing that one can change about the past?
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Having the CIA step in was kind of fun, as was the misstep with the wrong card! I loved that Gutman was able to portray Williams as the brusque, salty mouthed guy he apparently was without resorting to swearing. THANK YOU!! Even after eleven books, I still rather like this series, and that's saying a lot. The twist in this one was a little sad, but good.

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