The Storm (Dogs of the Drowned City #1)

The Storm (Dogs of the Drowned City #1)
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April 01, 2012
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Warriors and Guardians of Ga'Hoole fans have a new animal adventure series to sink their teeth into! When a hurricane forces his family to evacuate without him, Shep the German Shepard is confused. Where is his boy? Will he ever return? And what will Shep do in the meantime, now that the extra bowls of food -- not to mention all those tasty things he found in the big cold box -- are gone? Then another dog shows up at Shep's window and convinces him to escape. There's food outside, and a whole empty city to explore. Shep just wants to go home . . . but the adventure of a lifetime is just beginning. "Curl up with your kibble and savor this incredible story of dogs left behind when a hurricane sweeps through their city. This page-turner follows stalwart Shep and intrepid Callie, who despite her ‘yapper’ size is up to her muzzle in courage, as this extraordinary canine duo braves their new environment and forms a new pack. Dayna Lorentz has delivered a book with bite--and with a great heart."

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Shep has been rescued from a life of dog fighting and enjoys life with his boy in their apartment in the city. When a giant storm comes, and the boy and his family leave Shep on his own, he doesn't know what to make of it. Another dog, Callie, barks at him from the fire escape, and he breaks a window, jumps out, and the two take off on their own. They soon realize that things are not right at all and end up in an apartment building, freeing the dogs that have been left. Many of these dogs are "yappers"-- small, pet dogs who are not ferocious enough to stand up to the wild dogs that constantly threaten the small pack that Shep manages to put together. The storm continues to rage, compromising the apartment building, and the group finds a veterinarians or boarding kennel to stay in. When the wild dogs come, will the "yappers" and the bigger dogs be able to fend them off and remain safe?
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Clearly, fans of the Warriors books will like this. Lots of action and fighting, even eating some squirrel (instead of vole). Shep has some philosophical issues about having been a fighter, and also about getting along with different types of creatures. I can easily gets behind a trilogy of these!
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