School for Bandits

School for Bandits
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June 28, 2011
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Ralph Raccoon looks perfectly normal. But he doesn't act normal at all. He's disturbingly well behaved, clean and tidy, shockingly polite, and he even brushes his teeth!  Mr. and Mrs. Raccoon are worried—how will Ralph ever become a great raccoon bandit like Grandpa Cutlass or Uncle Whiskers?  It's time Ralph learned some bad manners . . . at Bandit School.

Ralph has no chance of winning the "Best Bandit in School" competition—he's not very bandit-like at all. But sometimes good manners can be useful, and Ralph just might surprise everyone--including himself.

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Mayhem, Mischief and Messes abound at the School for Bandits!
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Ralph Raccoon has a problem. He isn't like the other raccoons who are rude, crude and socially unacceptable which is of course, exactly how they should be. Ralph is the oddball because he's kind, helpful and uses good manners. When he's sent to the School for Bandits to learn how to behave like a regular raccoon, he worries that he won't fit in. Will Ralph succeed and become a true bandit or will his good manners rub off on the others? Take a trip to the School for Bandits to find out.
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Colorful illustrations, cute story that teaches good manners vs. bad manners.
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