Dear Flyary

Dear Flyary
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March 01, 2012
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One-eyed alien Frazzle recounts his flying adventures in a new journal (in alien vernacular, of course). He bighearts his little Model 7, but as time passes, it starts making strange sounds, and Frazzle -- pressured by friends and co-workers -- wonders if he should trade it in. One day, when it goes CLUNK in the middle of the flyway, it's clear something must be done. Youngsters will love the out-of-this-world illustrations depicting worlds rife with all manner of alien life. Even more irresistible: an unexpected ending sure to delight careful readers.

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This adorable book about little alien Frazzle and his first Model 7 is a fun read for all ages. Not only is the book a fun read, it's imaginative and great for the entire family.

On his dropday, Frazzle gets a flyary (diary) from his Oldpop (grandpop). Frazzle is also old enough to now buy his own spaceship! He then takes readers on an adventure of his ups and downs with his spaceship. From showing the spaceship off to his co-workers, to taking it to the greeball game, to having to get it fixes multiple times. Frazzle ends up having to make a hard decision. Should he trade in his Model 7 for the brand new Model 8, or continue fixing his beloved first spaceship?

This book might be hard for young readers to understand simply because it is written in alien. An adult may have to explain what some of the words mean to younger children, but it's a great way to get kids to use their imagination! My boys and I love this book and we now have fun making up our own alien vernacular words.

This book is a great addition to any young reader's library. I would suggest it is great for 7 years or older, any younger than that and an adult will have to help them out with the words. Great read and we love this book here in our house!
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