The Busy Beaver

The Busy Beaver
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August 01, 2011
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The busy but careless beaver spends his days following random impulses, rarely thinking things through and leaving in his wake a devastated forest filled with stumps, half-nibbled trees and injured, homeless animals. But then one day the beaver finds himself on the wrong side of a falling tree, which as it turns out, is just the thing to knock some sense into him. After reflecting on his behavior, he decides to make some changes. Soon, the now wiser and gentler beaver is getting down to the business of making things right, much to the delighted surprise of his forest friends. This charming story from the creator of Big Bear Hug and Making the Moose Out of Life gently teaches youngsters how to take care with others, as well as the world around us.

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Great lesson for taking your time and doing a job right!
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This book is a wonderful way to discuss taking your time and thinking of others with young children. Beaver is very careless and ends up making a mess of the forest, leaving half eaten trees behind, accidentally making a bird family homeless, and the list goes on. When Beaver hurts himself one day by accident, he spends a long time in the hospital thinking about his behavior. He realizes that he has been careless and has hurt his forest friends in the process. Beaver embarks on a mission to tidy up the messes he has made, whether that be clean up the trees, or apologize to those he has hurt. What a great lesson for little ones! This book opens the door to share wonderful life lessons with young ones, and even helps to remind adults, too!
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