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June 14, 2011
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Have you ever had a toy you really, really liked?

Have you ever had a lot of toys you really, really liked?

Have you ever said "MINE!"?

If so, this book is for you!

Enjoy this adorable, playful, picture-based book about two very young children and an adorable dog navigating the troubles and triumphs of sharing.

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Little Ones Will Love It
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The words are simple, "mine" and "woof", and the illustrations of the children are sweet. Mine! is a simple board book that shows how difficult it can sometimes be to share. Young ones will giggle as they look at the pictures of these two young children and their dog. My favorite page is the one of the little baby trying to stand up and walk to the older child. The teetering of a new walker was done so sweetly.

My almost 1 year old was immediately drawn to this book, she grabbed a hold of it and started chewing away on the corners, so it must be a hit with the young ones.
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Fun Book for Little Brothers and Sisters
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Although the only two words in the entire book are "mine" and "woof," this is a picture book my little ones enjoy flipping through. A toddler in the "that's mine" stage, a baby who likes all of his (or her, as the babies in the books could be either gender) older sibling's toys, and a little puppy all find a way to have fun in spite of the eldest's initial selfishness. The drawings are playful and incite giggles as we go through and see what each character is doing.

My 15-month-old made it clear she saw this book as "mine!" soon after we got it. If you are expecting to teach your older kids (my oldest is 3) a lesson on selfishness, this book probably will not help, but if you want them to see how fun it is to share, it might at least get them thinking.
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