Totally Human: Why We Look and Act the Way We Do

Totally Human: Why We Look and Act the Way We Do
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March 01, 2011
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The fascinating science behind our bodies and behaviors and how they link us to our ancient ancestors. What makes us human is cause for surprise. We retain some of the appearances and behaviors of our very ancient ancestors, including early mammals, amphibians and fish. Yes, we look and act the way we do because of them. Totally Human explains the many puzzling and strange things about us and the weird and wonderful things we do, simply because we're human. A child-sized take on the scientific fields of evolutionary biology and psychology.

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Why We Look and Act the Way We Do
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Who are you? Why do you burp? Why do you have two ears? Why do you talk? Totally human tracks down your long-ago ancestors and explains how it all happens!

This book answers 23 questions about what makes you unique. Each page is informative, colorful and gets you thinking. I really enjoyed reading this book with my 2 boys. They laughed at some of the questions, but really learned a lot from the book.

This book isn't for younger readers (unless Mom or Dad is reading to them and is willing to explain what the answers mean), but I think older elementary school students will enjoy this book! The only part of the book I would change was the introduction. The author chooses to explain how humans came from apes and started out swinging in trees. I know not everyone agrees with that and it give no alternative. Otherwise I thought the book was very insightful and a fun read!
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