Kids Review: Woodland Dance! (Sandra Boynton)



About This Book:

The moose plays the cello. The deer, violin. And it’s ONE-two-three, ONE-two-three, time to begin!
Destined to be a read-aloud favorite, Woodland Dance is a mystical, waltzing story from beloved author and illustrator Sandra Boynton, and a magical book to share with a magical child. Woodland animals heed the call of the fox’s bugle to join the woodland dance in a moonlit glade, dancing all night to the music of the Woodland Dance Trio. As the animals wander off to bed, the Trio plays one last piece to welcome the sun. A lovely, lyrical way to end, or start, the day.


*Review Contributed by, Olivia Farr, Assistant Blog Manager & Staff Reviewer*

Fantastically fun new Boynton book
WOODLAND DANCE! is a delightful new Boynton board book. A fox blows a bugle to let the animals know that it is time for the dance. They all gather round, some with instruments, and play their music and dance. It’s a wonderful celebration that continues until the sun begins to rise. In the end, they don’t know when the fox will call them again to the dance, but we hope it will be soon!

What I loved: This is another clever rhyming book from Boynton that is read with a great rhythm and flow that rolls off the tongue. The adorable animals, bright colors, and charm of happy dancing is present throughout the story. Toddlers and preschoolers are sure to be enchanted by this new book and will wish that they too could join the dance. The book does contain some sheet music for the last song that musically inclined caregivers may be able to recreate, to add to the fun. This is a simple, sweet, and delightful story that moves quickly for young readers. The board book format is great for even young toddlers, who can turn the pages with ease, and the small size makes it easy to hold.

Final verdict: Delightful and musical, WOODLAND DANCE! is another great rhyming book from Boynton featuring jubilant animals and plenty of fun. Recommend for toddlers and preschoolers.

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