Kids Review: What’s Up, Construction Truck? (A Pop Magic Book): Folds into a 3-D Truck! (Matthew Reinhart)



About This Book:

Read this innovative board book by pop-up wizard Matthew Reinhart and then transform it into a 3-D bulldozer toy

Follow construction workers through a busy day on the job. Lift the flaps to open the bulldozer’s doors and peek inside; help a crew member put on his helmet; and lift up the shovel to help the driver prepare a new bike trail for paving. When the story is over, follow simple instructions to transform the pages of the book into a three-dimensional bulldozer! There’s so much to discover in this stunning interactive board book from Matthew Reinhart.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

Board book and toy crossover
WHAT’S UP, CONSTRUCTION TRUCK? is an interactive board book about construction sites that also turns into a large bulldozer. The book features flaps and rhyming phrases that give very basic information about construction sites across the pages. The coolest feature is that it can then be transformed into a fairly large bulldozer with the pages making up all the sides of the truck.

What I loved: This is a simple board book with very basic information about construction sites and vehicles. The rhyming text is pretty fun to read and sure to charm small ears. The lift-the-flaps do add some additional fun and interactivity to the book, which will appeal to young readers. The coolest feature is definitely the truck that it transforms into, which is large and very awesome. Favorite aspects of this in our house are the blade that lifts up and out with the pull of a tab and the squirrels that appear on each side of the bulldozer. These details really elevate the coolness of the transforming book even further. The instructions can be a bit tricky to follow, but it does really help that the tabs and slots are coded (eg, a tab with 2 dots goes into the slot with 2 dots). This is a great feature for parents who are struggling with following the written directions.

What left me wanting more: As it is made to transform, the pages can be a bit tricky to turn when in book mode, making this a tough book to explore alone for young readers. There is a lack of detail as well throughout that make this one that would be too simple for construction fans. The truck itself, while extremely cool, is a bit fragile, so it cannot be moved around too much in play and the tabs will keep slipping out. The tabs also get worn out relatively quickly, making them harder to put in again when they come out (the cardboard gets a bit floppy and falls apart so it won’t slide through the slits as well).

Final verdict: A cross between book and toy, WHAT’S UP CONSTRUCTION TRUCK? is a cute introduction to construction with a bulldozer that children can enjoy. Would recommend for young toddlers, who will appreciate the rhyming text, flaps to lift, and cool truck that can be created.

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