Kids Review: The Wishing Tree (Meika Hashimoto)



About This Book:

After reading this charming, festive story, kids can join in a fun Christmas tradition and place their own wishes to Santa on a wishing tree using the punch-out cards in the back of this book.

A powerful wish and a magical tree…

Theo loves everything about Christmas—from the twinkling lights to the merry carolers . . . and don’t forget about Santa! But with days before before December 25th, there isn’t even a single holly in sight.

Determined to show his town what Christmas is all about, Theo finds ways to share his holiday cheer. And along the way, with a little help from the magical wishing tree, Theo discovers the true meaning of Christmas and a new holiday tradition.

The Wishing Tree is a great choice for your family and sure to become a new Christmas classic. It features:

12 punch-out holiday cards where readers can write their own Christmas wishes, then hang them up on their trees!
immersive, stunning artwork—artist Xindi Yan has created a gorgeous backdrop for Meika Hashimoto’s Christmas tale
timeless themes of community and family


* Review Contributed by Bethany Wicker, Staff Reviewer*

Holiday Spirit
Theo loves everything about Christmas, but feels like his town has been lacking the holiday spirit. Because of this, he rewrites his letter to Santa asking for just that. On a magical wind, the letter takes flight and finds itself at the North Pole. Then, a wishing tree pops up and helps Theo bring the Christmas spirit back to his town and among his friends and family.

THE WISHING TREE reminds us the important things to remember when it comes to the holidays. In the end, the whole town comes together and it’s heartwarming, just like everything about the holidays should be. The illustrations are soft which might make this a decent Christmas bedtime story. There are also letters in the back of the book so your child can make their own wishes. This is a fun idea that I look forward to doing with my daughter this year and hanging them on our Christmas tree.

Final Verdict: THE WISHING TREE is a cute read that’s perfect for the holidays and I would recommend it to all children who love Christmas and making wishes (because what child wouldn’t like that?). This would even make a cute Christmas gift for them to open on Christmas Eve and could even become a new Christmas tradition.

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