Kids Review: The Snowman and the Sun (Susan Taghdis)



About This Book:

What happens to a snowman when he melts? Where does he go? What does he become? This unique picture book, told from the snowman’s point of view, introduces thewonders of the water cycle to young children. The story prompts discussion around change and the impact of seasons on our natural environment and our place in it. It can also be read as a modern-day fable and offers opportunities for deeper reflection on the different stages in our lives.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

simple water cycle story
THE SNOWMAN AND THE SUN is a simple discussion of the water cycle. A snowman is built by a child and wonders what will happen when the sun shines on it. Soon, it turns into water, and the sun keeps shining, causing it to evaporate into a cloud and later to become snow again.

What I loved: This was a simple story that could be used in school discussions of the water cycle. The text is very brief and mainly talks about the Snowman in terms of what he will become next. The accompanying illustrations are also very simple. Together, this would be a book that could start children thinking more about the water around them, where it has been and where it will go.

What left me wanting more: The story was maybe too simple in places, as it leaves many unanswered questions, and it does not close the gaps. A longer story and more personality to the Snowman may have helped in children engaging with the story better. Some other information about the water cycle could help with making it even more educational as well.

Final verdict: A starter book on the water cycle, THE SNOWMAN AND THE SUN is a simple read that shows the change of snow to water to droplets to cloud and back to snow.

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