Kids Review: The Secret of the Magic Pearl (Elisa Sabatinelli)



About This Book:

Dive below the waves to where the real adventure begins.
Hector lives with his family at the Marina in an Italian coastal town where they organize tourist expeditions to explore the many wonders of the sea. Hector’s dream is to become a deep-sea diver, just like his father. Then, one day, an unscrupulous entrepreneur opens a much newer center next door, forcing them to close their business. This man has a single purpose, to find the legendary Pearl in order to sell it and make money. Hector decides to find a way to thwart the plan and save what matters most to him: the sea, his family, and his dream.


* Review Contributed by Bethany Wicker, Staff Reviewer & Listing/Facebook Manager*

Beautiful Illustrations and Lyrical Writing
Hector wants nothing more than to be a deep sea diver like his dad. But when an entrepreneur comes into town, his only concern is money. He doesn’t care about the small businesses or persevering the sea. He wants the check and doesn’t want to bother sharing discoveries with anyone. So, Hector gets the opportunity to do something good for his town by searching for the pearl himself. Hector wants to do anything he can to help his family and that’s a good trait for children to learn.

THE SECRET OF THE MAGIC PEARL is a nautical themed book full of adventure and familial bonds. The illustrations are stunning and vibrant and the character is someone children can relate to. My daughter was amazed at the pictures and didn’t want me to put it down until we finished it. That’s saying a lot since she’s only five and has a short attention span.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of the sea, adventure, and a twist of mystery. To be honest, the breathing taking pictures are reason enough to check out this book but you get the added bonus of lyrical writing. I love the quote at the end: “Beautiful things should be shared and there’s nothing more beautiful than our sea.” This kind of thought-provoking writing earns it the five stars.

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