Kids Review: The Fairy Dogmother (Caroline Crowe)



About This Book:


Cinder the dog, a canine resident at Woofington’s Dog Rescue, is visited by his Fairy Dogmother and gets to wish for something that would make him happy. But what is it that would make him the happiest of all?

One day, Cinder, a canine resident at Woofington’s Dog Rescue, receives a visit from his Fairy Dogmother! She tells him that he can make a wish for whatever he thinks would make him the happiest. But poor Cinder just doesn’t know what to wish for! He asks his friends, and he gets all kinds of suggestions–sausages, a bone, a ball, the ability to climb trees…and on and on! Cinder just can’t decide, and time is running out. Then one of the older dogs at the rescue gives Cinder one last suggestion. Could it be exactly what Cinder wants to make him happy?


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*


Lovely Cinderella retelling with dogs!
THE FAIRY DOGMOTHER is an adorable twist on Cinderella. In this book, Cinders is a dog at a rescue center, where he loves to play with his friends. When his fairy dogmother appears and tells him he can have a wish, Cinders isn’t sure what he would want – so he consults his friends for ideas. They have so many different (and often silly) wishes, but the one he knows he wants to make is for his friends to find their forever families.

What I loved: This was an absolutely charming and sweet fairytale story from the dog point-of-view. The dogs, their wishes, and the sweetness of it all makes for a happy and delightful story. The ending is perfect, and the way it depicts all the love between pet and owner is just so sweet. The use of Cinders’s wish for others is also a great lesson about giving – and the good comes back around in the end, as fairytales usually have happy endings.

The illustrations here are really fantastic and high quality, telling the story with vivid colors, adorable dogs, and so much great personality. The writing is bold and clear, making it easy to read aloud, and combined with the detailed illustrations, the story will work for a broad age range of picture book readers. This fairytale twist is sure to appeal to animal lovers everywhere.

Final verdict: An adorable and sweet story of fur-ever families, THE FAIRY DOGMOTHER is a delightful book about dogs finding their loved ones, friendship, and kindness. Highly recommend for toddlers through elementary school aged readers.

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