Kids Review: The Children’s Moon (Jim LaMarche)



About This Book:

There once was a time when the sun alone ruled the day, the moon graced the night, and little children were sent to bed before sunset. Then early one dawn, the moon heard sounds of children laughing, and she yearned to see them by daylight.

“Certainly not!” snapped the sun. “The day is mine. The night is yours!”

But the moon had a clever plan…

Carmen Agra Deedy and Jim LaMarche have brilliantly crafted an original pourquoi tale about finding one’s place in the universe.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

Imaginative Picture book about the Moon
THE CHILDREN’S MOON is a lovely and imaginative story about the sun and moon. When the moon appears during the day, it is known as the Children’s Moon – but why? The book proposes a whimsical story about the moon and sun who compete for their time in the sky and celebrate the specialness of their own times. While the moon imagines about what happens in the day and wishes to see children, the sun cannot imagine what would be great about night. When moon tells him anyway, he decides he wants to see the stars, and they arrange for an eclipse. The moon finds it hard to stay away from the day – and when she does appear and the children gaze at her wondrously, this is when she’s called the Children’s Moon.

What I loved: This is an imaginative story about the sun and moon that personifies them and celebrates the special times during the day and the intrigue of the night. Through the story, it gives a whimsical background to eclipses and the Children’s moon phenomena. The illustrations are really lovely with lots of detail, color, and faces on each the moon and the sun. These will appeal to young readers. I also really enjoyed the backmatter that gives additional facts about the moon, showing the different phases, telling when readers can see the “children’s moon,” and loads of fun facts about the moon. These are great for sparking some additional learning.

Final verdict: Whimsical and imaginative, THE CHILDREN’S MOON is a fairytale-esque story about the development of the Children’s Moon phenomenon with educational backmatter. This would work well for young elementary school aged children.

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