Kids Review: Mister Fairy (Morgane de Cadier)



About This Book:

Mister Fairy is not like other fairies; try as he might, he has not yet found his own special talent. In fact, all the animals laugh when he tries to copy what the other fairies do. So, Mister Fairy travels far from his forest home to another place where, almost by accident, he discovers and shares his special gift. Sometimes your talent is hiding in plain sight, it just takes the right time and place to reveal what was there all along. Mister Fairy is a touching, humorous story about fitting in, self-discovery, and finding one’s place in the world.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

Charming Fairy Story
MISTER FAIRY is a sweet picture book read about celebrating your differences and finding your own special skills. As everyone knows, the forest is full of fairies, who are good at lots of different things. Mister Fairy, however, does not seem to be able to do anything like the other fairies. He thinks he must be a fairy of nothing at all, so he leaves the forest and heads to a city, a different type of forest. The people there all seem sad, so Mister Fairy tries to cheer them up using his magic. As he successfully does, he realizes that he has a gift at kindness and making others smile.

When he returns to the forest, he finds that everyone is a bit sadder with him gone, and as he brings smiles to his friends’ faces, he realizes he was never the fairy of nothing at all, but something special of his own.

What I loved: This sweet picture book read celebrates our differences and even less visible skills, such as the power to make others smile. For children who sometimes feel like they can’t do anything right, this is a great story which encourages them that they just haven’t found their special skill yet. Mister Fairy is adorable, and his story is sure to resonate with young readers. The illustrations capture it all well, and the city scenes will definitely be familiar for those who live or work around cities, including all the people staring at their phones. There is a great use of color with mood and magic. The gift of laughter and smiles is often overlooked but one that is so important.

What left me wanting more: As a small point, I had some conflicting feelings about the tickling and kissing fairies (that make others kiss), as it was not clear how consensual these activities were. I kind of wish that the fairies/Mister Fairy had asked permission first, especially for young children who are learning boundaries. However, these conversations can also happen outside of the text.

Final verdict: Overall a sweet picture book about finding yourself and your own special talents, MISTER FAIRY is a charming and magical read that is sure to appeal to young readers.

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