Kids Review: Hey, You’re Not Santa! (Ethan T. Berlin)



About This Book:

When Santa needs a last-minute substitution, an unlikely hero steps in. Will anyone notice that Santa is…a cow?
It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa is busy making his deliveries. But when he needs to dash back to the North Pole for some forgotten presents, an unlikely hero-a cow!- has to step into the red suit. She dashes down the chimney with a “Moo-moo-moo, Merry Christmas! and is met by a little boy waiting up for Santa. Will this cow be able to keep Christmas on track? Or will this little boy realize… “Hey! You’re Not Santa!”

Readers of all ages are sure to laugh out loud to this hilarious Christmas story, and will love being in on the joke as this cow does her best to convince everyone that she’s Santa. Full of jokes, charm, and warming holiday spirit, this book is perfect for fans of Olive, the Other Reindeer and How to Catch Santa. Don’t miss this perfect stocking stuffer, an irresistible addition to your holiday book collection that you’ll love reading year after year.



*Review Contributed by Connie Reid, Site Manager*

Have a moo-moo-merry Christmas!
What Worked: Santa arrives at a house where the boy is waiting to see him, but he realizes he has left some of his gifts back at the North pole. He enlists a local cow to pretend to be him until he can return.
The boy is a bit suspicious when ‘Santa’ can quickly produce a glass of fresh milk and begins to munch on the Christmas tree. However, just as the boy knows for sure he can’t be Santa, the real Santa arrives with his gifts. Everyone can return to having a moo-moo-merry Christmas!
Final Verdict: The illustrations are colorful. The antics of the cow are funny and will likely make your little one chuckle at all the silly things she does to try and keep up the charade.

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