Kids Review: Hello Baby Animals, Who Are You? (Loes Botman)



About This Book:


Meet some adorable baby animals — a wobbly foal, a playful kid, muddy piglets and many more. Young children will love seeing familiar baby animals, discovering new ones and learning their special names.

The much-loved Hello Animals collection has been praised for combining a brilliantly simple concept and factual but easy-to-understand words with vibrant, detailed illustrations.

The latest in Loes Botman’s luminous board book series.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

Cute board book of baby animals
HELLO BABY ANIMALS, WHO ARE YOU? is an adorable board book of baby animals. The title asks the question that is then answered by a variety of animals, such as “I’m a shy calf, says the baby cow,” teaching the names for different baby animals as well as various descriptors. Each statement is accompanied by a sketch of the animal who is speaking.

What I loved: The beautiful sketch-like, detailed images of the animals make this a lovely book to look through. Each page features several of a baby animal type together or two different ones on facing pages. The brief and repetitive text is perfect for infants and young toddlers who will learn through the small changes in language and appreciate the quickly turning pages. The book uses the proper terms for baby animals, including kitten for baby rabbits.

Final verdict: An adorable board book of baby animals, this is a great pick for the youngest of readers who will enjoy the quick text and detailed animals on each page.


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