Kids Review: Grumpy Monkey Oh, No! Christmas (Suzanne Lang)



About This Book:

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Jim Panzee, our favorite grumpy monkey, is feeling like quite the Scrooge this holiday season!

It’s Christmas time in the jungle, and Jim just can’t get into the holiday spirit. Then Jim eats a “festive” green banana that makes him feel sick. Now everything seems worse. While all the other animals in the jungle are ready and eagerly awaiting Christmas, Jim can’t stop feeling that this time of year stinks. But with his good friend Norman’s help, Jim discovers that focusing on the good things around him instead of his own problems, is a reason to celebrate.


*Review Contributed By Bethany Wicker, Staff Reviewer*

A Christmas Story to Laugh to
It’s Christmas time in the jungle, but Jim Panzee isn’t too excited about it. He believes there’s nothing to celebrate because everything stinks. The weather is rainy. The bananas aren’t ripe. How can someone celebrate when everything seems to be going wrong? But the other animals don’t see it that way.

While Jim complains, the other animals try to cheer him up and to see all the amazing things Christmas season has to offer. There’s just something special in the air, and not to mention the decorations. But Jim is grumpy and is quick to see the bad in things.

GRUMPY MONKY OH NO CHRISTMAS is a hilarious read that teaches the importance of finding the good in things. Once the animals tell Jim all he does is complain, he takes a step back to realize they’re right. In doing so, he starts seeing the true reason everyone is so excited.

Final Verdict: I look forward to giving this to my daughter as a Christmas gift and it’s a read I know she’s sure to love. I would recommend this book to parents looking to share a Christmas laugh with their children while teaching a good life lesson.

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