Kids Review: Gloria’s Porridge (Elizabeth Laird)



About This Book:

Gloria is making a delicious porridge, but she’s too hungry to share it with the cat. When Gloria goes to fetch some water, cat eats all the porridge . Angry Gloria shakes her spoon at the cat, and the scared cat runs away, starting a chaos around her. A retelling of an Ethiopian folktale by acclaimed author, Elizabeth Laird.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

Picture book about sharing
GLORIA’S PORRIDGE is a picture book read about sharing and cascading events. Gloria is making some porridge, but she does not want to share it with Cat. When she goes to get some water to make it less sticky, Cat tries some and ends up eating all of it. When Gloria returns, she raises her spoon in her anger at Cat, which startles Cat to run outside and startle the donkey and then the bees and the hen. In the chaos, Fox comes by, listens to what happened, and asks them what they will do next. The donkey, bees, and hen go back to what they were doing, while Gloria goes back to make more porridge and share it with Cat.

What I loved: The story has a great sequence of events that will appeal to young children who appreciate building stories. The animals are also a fun touch. The simple messages of sharing and pausing to re-evaluate in chaos will speak to young readers. Colorful illustrations help to convey the story.

What left me wanting more: As a small point, I would have liked more expansion on the side characters and to better understand the change of heart.

Final verdict: GLORIA’S PORRIDGE is a cute and simple picture book about sharing and sequential events.

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