Kids Review: Forty Winks: A Bedtime Adventure (Kelly DiPucchio)



About This Book:

A rollicking bedtime read-aloud about a family of mice, from bestselling author Kelly DiPucchio and award-winning illustrator Lita Judge

“It’s time for bed!” the Wink parents said.
Their routine was the same every night.
Mama and Papa lined up their big brood,
all thirty-eight children in sight . . .

When the sun sets on this mouse family’s house, it’s the start of a bedtime routine for the ages! Come along as all 38 Wink children have snacks and baths, brush their teeth, read stories, and finally, finally settle down to sleep.

This rollicking, rhyming story from the award-winning pair Kelly DiPucchio and Lita Judge is the perfect read-aloud for parents and their wiggly little ones to share before bedtime.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

Adorable bedtime book
FORTY WINKS is a sweet bedtime read about the Winks family, 2 parents and 38 little mice. It is time to get ready for bed, and they all have their routine. It’s a little bit tough to get everyone ready, but they all help out and finally get into bed. The rhyming story will resonate with parents who may feel like they run a zoo when managing bedtime while also being a sweet and silly bedtime story for children to enjoy.

What I loved: This is a sweet story about a family approaching bedtime. The book names all the mice and includes all the steps leading to bedtime – with some minor hiccups. A little bit silly and mostly charming, the story takes the reader along to sleep with the Winks family. The rhyming text is fun to read aloud, and I appreciated the clearly printed font, switching to white on darker pages, to make them easier to view in lowlight. The images are really detailed and include lots of fun things to look at. While most pages could turn quickly, children will enjoy exploring the mice on each page and all the charming details. The story leads to sleep with a waking in the morning at the end that makes it a great choice for a bedtime pick.

Final verdict: A rhyming and charming picture book, FORTY WINKS is a sweet bedtime read that children will enjoy.


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