Kids Review: Bisa’s Carnaval (Joanna Pastro)



About This Book:

Discover the sights and sounds of Brazil through the eyes of a young girl and her great-grandmother as they share in the excitement of Carnaval!
It’s time for Carnaval and Clara cannot wait to celebrate her favorite holiday with family, but especially with her great-grandmother. Even if Bisa can’t attend, Clara knows the Carnaval parade will still be special.Costumed lovingly by their bisa, everyone takes to the street for the annual parade. But even among all the colors, costumes, music, and dancing, something is missing . . . or is it someone?With lush, lyrical text and bright, colorful illustrations, this book takes readers to one of the most exciting holidays of the year and reminds us that no matter who or where you are, love is always worth celebrating.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

Colorful and fun book about family and Carnaval
BISA’S CARNAVAL is a colorful and delightful celebration of Carnaval and family. Bisa loves Carnaval and is happy to show Clara her past photos of all the amazing outfits for Carnaval. Together, they find some perfect fabrics and sew outfits to wear for the celebration. When Carnaval comes, Clara realizes she is something – well, someone. Since Bisa cannot attend Carnaval this year, Clara decides to bring Carnaval to her.

What I loved: This is a beautiful story that brings the magic of Carnaval to young readers. The illustrations are full of color and details that capture the holiday and celebration. The relationship between Clara and her bisa shines through the story, and I loved the way they work together to create the costumes for their family. The writing has some lyrical phrases that bring a musical tone to the reading of the story and help capture the essence of Carnaval.

The font is large and easy to read, making this a great choice for reading aloud. Both the text and the illustrations join together to make this a delightful story of both family and Carnaval.

Final verdict: A magical story of Carnaval and family, BISA’S CARNAVAL is a colorful and heartwarming picture book, great for preschool aged readers and up.

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