Kids Review: A HUNDRED THOUSAND WELCOMES (Mary Lee Donovan)



About This Book:

Welcome, come in! You are invited to travel to homes around the world in this beautifully illustrated picture book about hospitality and acceptance, which features the word “welcome” from more than fourteen languages. Fans of Here We Are and The Wonderful Things You Will Be will enjoy this timeless story about family, friendship, empathy, and welcoming others.

Welcome, friend. Welcome.

There are almost as many ways of making someone feel welcome as there are people on our planet. To welcome another is to give that person and yourself a chance at a new connection, a new friendship, and maybe even new eyes through which to view the world.

Journey around the globe as A Hundred Thousand Welcomes introduces the word for “welcome” in fourteen languages to illuminate a universal message of hope and acceptance. Mary Lee Donovan’s spare text is brought to life by Lian Cho’s boisterous, richly detailed illustrations.

Includes a pronunciation guide, a note from the artist, a note from the author, and information about the languages featured in the book.



*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

lovely picture book of welcome
A HUNDRED THOUSAND WELCOMES is an intriguing and lovely picture book about community and kinship. The book takes the reader on a journey around the world with how people welcome each other, including the words for welcome and a sweet rhyme throughout about coming together and greeting others. The beginning includes a pronunciation guide and phonetic guides are hidden on each page that gives a word for welcome in another language with a summary (of the welcomes and places they come from) and information guide at the back as well. The beginning note is also significant to setting the context for the book and the importance of these welcomes.

What I loved: This was a lovely and rhyming poem that rolls off the tongue – once you learn the pronunciation of the different ways people say welcome around the world. The pronunciation guides throughout are helpful, but google can also help to hear how they should sound. It is really fun to learn all these different ways that people say welcome around the world and so many are included. The illustrations are beautiful, detailed, and intriguing, with locations and people from around the globe pictured. I loved the kindness, openness, and welcoming nature of all the faces and houses that also welcome the reader in. The fold-out page is also great to bring it all together and add a fun touch at the end.

This would be a great pick for a classroom lesson, and I could definitely imagine some activities around this topic (welcoming others, other languages), as children consider how they welcome those around them and their own homes. This is also fun to explore at home and would work well for preschoolers and up.

Final verdict: A lovely read about community and coming together, A HUNDRED THOUSAND WELCOMES is a sweet picture book poem with beautiful illustrations that celebrates all the ways we welcome others.

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