Kids Review: In the Forest (Anouck Boisrobert)




About This Book:

In a lush, green forest, a sloth sleeps. Turn the pages of his story–told in a stunning pop-up display–to witness the tragic process of deforestation and watch as a single seed brings new life. Inventive design and bold art illustrate this important lesson about the environment and the rebirth of what was lost.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

Stunning pop-up book
IN THE FOREST is an environmentalism story with an amazing series of pop-ups. The book tells the story of a forest and the animals within it. Before long, machines (metal monsters) arrive and begin cutting down the trees. As they keep cutting and cutting, the animals are forced to leave until there are no trees left. But then, a man comes along and plants new trees. Children can pull a tab to see the new shoots coming up. Before long, the forest and the animals are back.

What I loved: The pop-ups in this book are incredible! They really jump from the pages with lots of great details. The sloth and other animals featured across pages give children something extra to explore in these impressive forests. The cool pull-tab pop-up of the tree shoots creates an additional interactive aspect with an intriguing contrast of the growing forest. The messaging is around environmentalism and the need to preserve natural resources and protect the animals who live in forests.

The pop-ups themselves are a bit delicate and would work better for older children. Additionally, the story can be a bit intense with the references to the metal monsters and destruction of the forest, so this would be better for elementary school aged children.

Final verdict: With stunning pop-ups, IN THE FOREST is an intriguing children’s book about deforestation and environmentalism. Recommend for elementary school aged readers.

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