kids review: Pig and Horse and the Something Scary (Zoey Abbott)



About This Book:

A gentle, perceptive story about facing our fears, worries, and anxieties—and the power of a supportive friend

“I have something in my head and it is scaring me,” Pig said.
“What is it?” asked Horse.
“I can’t say. I’m trying to ignore it.”

Pig can’t stop thinking about something that is bothering her. Try as Horse might to get her mind off of it—with bike rides, swims, and silly hats—it’s no use. But maybe if Pig shares the something with her friend, they can talk about it and figure out how to face the something together.

With charming illustrations, subtle whimsy, and a gentle approach to serious themes, Pig and Horse and the Something Scary acknowledges the fears and worries that children can feel in their bodies and minds. It encourages heartfelt conversations about emotional challenges, while also exploring the power of a supportive, caring friend.


*Review Contributed by Bethany Wicker, Staff Reviewer*

Animals and Anxiety
PIG AND HORSE AND THE SOMETHING SCARY addresses anxieties and fears that children may have, such as being alone. While Pig is trying to understand what she’s feeling, Horse remains the steady and supportive friend. Her fears come out as a dark shadow and they try everything they can to make it go away, like eating and swimming. Horse just wants Pig to feel better and stands by her side through it all.

I love the inclusion of the friendship theme while Zoey Abbott touches sensitive mental health issues. Anxiety is becoming more and more prevalent. PIG AND HORSE AND THE SOMETHING SCARY addresses these common concerns in a way children can understand. It’s hard for them to express what they feel when they don’t understand what it is. Pig is the same way and her first thought is to ignore it, but it only gets worse. While not only talking about fears, it also teaches how to be a good friend when these problems arise.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this book to children of preschool age who are starting to grow fearful of things around them. This is a good story to teach children how to address what they’re feeling.

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