Kids Review: Goodnight, Little Penguin (Amanda Wood)



About This Book:

A simple bedtime story about day care, sure to soothe your little one to sleep

Meet Little Penguin, who doesn’t want to go to day care with the other penguin chicks. But soon he discovers that making friends can be fun! This adorable book, featuring cute photographic illustrations, is perfect for bedtime or nap time, with a simple story sure to soothe your little one to sleep and give them sweet dreams.

*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

Picture book about daycare
GOODNIGHT, LITTLE PENGUIN is a cute mixed media bedtime book about a baby penguin. Baby penguin loved spending his days snuggled in his father’s warmth, while his mother went to get fish for them to eat. He continued to grow, and one day, both of his parents needed to go get fish. However, Little Penguin was too small to make the trip with them, so he needed to go to daycare. He protests and does not want to play with the other baby penguins. However, soon a storm arrives and he feels sad, alone, and scared – but then one of the other baby penguins comes to get him, and before long he is snuggling with the other babies and warm. His parents arrive back with fish and he goes to sleep happy with his family.

What I loved: This is an intriguing story about going to daycare and the challenges of starting at a new school. Children who have started at daycare reluctantly will recognize themselves in the story. The coolest part of the book is the combination of photographs with sketches. Little Penguin appears in photographs of a real baby penguin, while the other penguins and background are sketched around him.

What left me wanting more: The story may be a bit intense for right before bed for some children, as Little Penguin ends up alone and scared (briefly) in the storm. There is also some conflict with wanting to go with parents and fighting the daycare for a bit that may rile up some children.

Final verdict: A unique mixed media story, GOODNIGHT, LITTLE PENGUIN is an intriguing picture book about daycare and growing up with adorable penguins.


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