Kids Review: What Are Santa’s Elves Made Of? (Becky Davies)



About This Book:


Have you ever wondered what Santa’s elves are made of? This book has all the answers! With touch-and-feel on the cover and a pop-up elf at the end.

Elves are Santa’s special helpers–they make Christmas magical for every girl and boy. But have you ever wondered what they are actually made of? This festive board book has ALL the answers! Could it be that they’re made of gingerbread with powdered sugar frosting? Maybe they’re made of candy canes and taffy! They’re always so happy because they have Christmas lights in their hair and Christmas songs in their hearts. And of course, all of Santa’s elves have magic bells on their feet that jingle, jingle, jingle! Features a touch-and-feel element on the cover and a pop-up elf at the end.


*Review Contributed by Oliva Farr, Staff Reviewer*


Cute holiday board book
WHAT ARE SANTA’S ELVES MADE OF? is a silly, rhyming book about what elves are made of. The board book proposes that they are filled with music, have hair made of Christmas lights, and baked of gingerbread. Invoking plenty of non-religious Christmas themes, this will work for children who are looking for some extra holiday joy.

What I loved: This is a colorful and joyous non-religious holiday read. With rhyming text and a silly premise, this asks the question about what are elves made of. The book includes a cool textured front cover as well as a pop-up elf on the last page, inviting children to ring a magical bell to summon an elf to make all their wishes come true. The cartoonish imagery is delightful, with plenty of silliness in the proposed ingredients of elves. The skin color diversity of the elves was also a great touch!

Rhyming text and plenty of Christmas related imagery (trees, carols, presents, sleigh and reindeer) make this a fun read to share with young children and will work well for toddlers and preschoolers.

What left me wanting more: As small points, although meant to be silly, I am not sure that all toddlers will understand the jokes about what they are made of, so be prepared for plenty of questions. The cute curly font is also a little tough to read for older eyes.

Final verdict: A delightful and non-religious holiday board book, WHAT ARE SANTA’S ELVES MADE OF? is a cheerful, colorful, and cute rhyming read to celebrate the holiday.


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