Kids Review: Christmas in the Stable (Touch-and-Feel Board Book) (Rhonda Gowler Greene)



About This Book:

A beautiful and tender introduction to the nativity story, featuring soft touch-and-feel on every page!
Crowded inn

Stable, small

Donkey clip-clops to the stall…

Introduce your little one to the magic and wonder of the Christmas nativity story. With rhythmic rhyme and lyrical imagery, author Rhonda Gowler Greene guides little ones through the classic nativity story and celebrates the timeless joy of Christmas. Little ones won’t be able to resist the eye-catching, tactile touch-and-feel on every page, and will love exploring the soft touches of the sheep, cow, and other animals in the Christmas stable who gather to witness the miracle of Jesus’s birth. With beautiful text, eye-catching touch-and-feel, and tender, radiant illustrations, this book is the perfect holiday gift and stocking stuffer to celebrate baby’s first Christmas.



*Review Contributed by Bethany Wicker, Staff Reviewer*

Sensory Fun in the Stable
CHRISTMAS IN THE STABLE is the traditional story of baby Jesus in the manger with the added sensory learning. The tactile stimulations are on the donkey, in the hay, the baby blanket, and sheep’s wool. The illustrations are soft and cute which would make this a good bedtime story for the Christmas season.

I love the flow of the writing style and how easy it is too read. The rhyming scheme is an added bonus. A good example: “Lambs baa, Shepards peek. Kittens purr, Mice squeak.” For those wanting a religious Christmas story should certainly consider this book as a stocking stuffer. Not only does it stick to the traditional story and the author’s technique is amazing, but it also has that sensory learning added in. I really like the items they chose to incorporate into the “touch-and-feel” because it’s items children will get a kick out of touching.

Final Verdict: CHRISTMAS IN THE STABLE brings in both tactile stimulation and a great introduction to the birth of Jesus for young children. Those who want a religious story that their children can fall in love with should certainly pick up this book. My little girl loved touching each page and wanted me to read it to her over and over again.

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