Kids Review: Minnie Mouse: Big Dreams (Disney Original Graphic Novel) (Brooke Vitale)



About this Book:

Minnie Mouse loves to dream big! This delightfully adorable graphic novel is perfect for young readers and Disney fans.
When Minnie has a dream, nothing can stop her. Even her first day of school. All she has to do is dream, work hard, and it’ll come true … if she can ever get her head out of the clouds!

Minnie is a new kid at school. As any new kid knows, it’s not easy! Especially not for a little mouse who can’t stop imagining the world different around her. Thankfully, she meets a new friend named Daisy, and the rest is . . . almost history. Of course, there’s some bumps along the way. Join Minnie and all her friends in this adorable graphic novel that’s perfect for early readers.

This new graphic novel features all your favorite Disney characters, like Minnie, Mickey, Daisy, Goofy, Donald, Pete, and a lot more. See just where Minnie’s dreams can take her in this graphic novel!


* Review Contributed by Bethany Wicker, Staff Reviewer & Listing/Facebook Manager*

Graphic Novel for Younger Children
It’s time for Minnie Mouse’s first day of school and if she dreams hard enough, it won’t be scary. She needs to focus on the exciting and not the terrifying, like the possibility of monsters. She really hopes there aren’t monsters in the school. Along the way, she meets new people and makes new friends, like Daisy.

MINNIE MOUSE: BIG DREAMS is designed for younger children ages six and up who are dealing with first day of school jitters. It’s a story full of the benefits of dreaming and the importance of friendship. Children with a vast imagination will relate to Minnie’s character. The illustrations are childish with the vibrant colors and cartoon-y style characters. This story is a good introduction into graphic novels. We get to see our favorite classic Disney characters in child form. The only thing I wish is there was more substance. Some of the story fell flat to me, but that may be the childish aspect too.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to younger Disney fans who might be starting a new school or love to dream and let their imagination run wild. It’s also perfect for children showing interest in graphic novels.

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