Kids Review: Zoom: Construction Site Adventure (Susan Hayes)



About This Book:

Join Maxie on a building site in this board book with peek-a-boo holes throughout and a pop-up!

Join Maxie as they build their dream skyscraper from the ground up. Zoom: Construction Site Adventure is part of What on Earth Books’ Zoom series of 36-page board books written by Susan Hayes, with peek-a-boo holes through the pages and a surprise popup.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

Delightful board book to explore construction
ZOOM: CONSTRUCTION SITE ADVENTURE is another delightful edition in the Zoom series of board books. This book takes the reader along with Maxie for a day of building a skyscraper. Using peekaboo cut-outs throughout as well as a large pop-up at the end, readers get to see many different types of construction vehicles as well as some of the key steps that go into creating a building. Each page is full of colors and fun details that bring the adventure to life.

What I loved: This series is absolutely fantastic with the right amount of detail and fun new information for young readers, particularly toddlers and preschoolers. Although they are board books, they have enough pages that it will also appeal to slightly older readers. In this one, we follow Maxie as he helps to build a skyscraper. The book gives some great information about the key pieces of the project, as well as some humorous moments along the way, such as when Maxie turns on the water, but forgot to check and make sure all the pipes were connected first!

I really appreciated labels on key construction vehicles and tools throughout, as I am not a construction aficionado myself but the questions about the names of vehicles do come up. This book makes it easy to explore and learn. For instance, I was not familiar with spider cranes (and we called cherry pickers bucket trucks, so we learned the proper term here). It definitely sparked some interest in learning more about these vehicles, and we are seeking out more vehicle books. This is a really fun way to start, as there is also an overarching fictional story, so it’s not just a nonfiction read, but a story that teaches things along the way.

The peek-through cut-outs are a really nice touch, and children will enjoy flipping back and forth to see their manifestations. The end pop-up is also fun, showing the whole skyscraper (with a really cool slide!). The pop-up is very fun to look at, but not as sturdy as the pages, so it can be ripped off for children who are so inclined. The amount of text on each page is perfect for young attention spans, but there are also a lot of great details on each page to make it turn as quickly or slowly as child age allows.

Final verdict: A fantastic new installment in a great series, ZOOM: CONSTRUCTION SITE ADVENTURE is a delightful board book that takes readers on a journey to a construction site. Highly recommend for toddlers and preschoolers who love bright colors, fun details, and learning new things.


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