Kid Review: You Are My Favorite Color by Gillian Sze


About This Book:


A lyrical story of parental love that celebrates and takes pride in the many shades of brown skin. Perfect for fans of I Am Enough, Hey Black Child, Hair Love, and Our Skin.


When you ask me why your skin is brown,
I will tell you that you are my favorite color.
I will say that your skin was decided long, long ago.
Time was just waiting for you.

So begins a mother’s celebration of her children’s brown skin, told through warm and vivid poetry. With sweeping descriptions of what brown skin means—it is the brawny bear whose paws know the ground of its home, the sequoia tree that reaches up and touches the sun, the glossy shell of roasted chestnuts—this is a book that empowers as it embraces, and that reminds young readers that they have shades of color that only they can discover and express.

With beautiful, lyrical text by powerhouse poet Gillian Sze and vibrant, engaging art by illustrator Nina Mata, the #1 New York Times bestselling illustrator of LeBron James’s I Promise, this is more than a story of love—it is a song that rings out for brown kids everywhere.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*


beautiful celebration of brown skin


YOU ARE MY FAVORITE COLOR is a sweet book celebrating brown skin. The story uses beautiful descriptions and metaphors to celebrate brown skin and reiterates that it is my favorite color. Poetic text and lush descriptions make this a lovely story to share with young readers.

What I loved: The illustrations in this are absolutely stunning, capturing the beauty of a mother’s love plus all the joy of childhood while celebrating brown skin. This is really a love letter from parent to child, focused on a mother who is depicted throughout. The poetry is absolutely beautiful and lush with a great rhythm that roll off the tongue beautifully.

Final verdict: A lush and beautiful picture book, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE COLOR is a lovely poem to share with young readers.


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