Kid Review: Whose Bones Are Those? By Chihiro Takeuchi


About This Book:


Inventive and stylish, informative and whimsical, this conceptual picture book from a noted cut-paper artist invites young readers to “guess the animal” by perusing its bones.


Whose bones? A scattering of tiny bones, spread across a vivid background, seem to offer no clues. But turn the page and the bones have elegantly come together, revealing the form of a snake or a lion, a crocodile or an elephant, a flamingo or even a whale. Every vibrant spread of this fascinating book features the skeleton—and also a stylized representation—of a different animal. Even the youngest of readers are invited to scrutinize the visual clues to figure out whose bones are portrayed in this fascinating introduction to vertebrates.


*Review Contributed by Cherokee Crum, Staff Reviewer*


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My five-year-old and I really enjoyed reading this book together!

This is a very cute and unique way to introduce young children to zoology and anatomy. The cut paper art is simplified for easier identification for children, yet striking and vibrant.

I absolutely love the endpapers – starting with human skeletons and ending children of all skin colors – plus a cute, pink, three eyed alien.

The side by side images are nice, but I would have like a flip style book instead – where the whole animal overlaps its skeleton.

The simple structure is perfect for young children and early readers. Perfect for classroom reading or one-on-one fun! Children will have a blast trying to guess “Whose Bones.”

The bonus fun facts at the end are great! Kids are pleasantly surprised to find out crazy facts about their favorite animals, or even themselves.

Good Points
Whimsical, Educational, Simple Structure

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