Kid Review: What Makes Me Happy (CoComelon) by Maria Le


About This Book:


Learn how to focus on what makes you happy when you are scared with this 8×8 storybook based on the lyrics of the popular “What Makes Me Happy” song from the hit kids show CoComelon!


Readers will love following along with JJ and his brother and sister as they overcome their fears of a storm by focusing on what makes them happy, like their mom and dad, their dog, Bingo, pillow forts, teddy bears, and more. Encourage little ones to look on the bright side with this sweet and relatable tale!

CoComelon is the #1 kids show on YouTube (over 100 million subscribers) and #1 show on Netflix!

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*Review Contributed by Connie Reid, Staff Reviewer*


How to handle fear


What I Liked: The story centers around a very common fear young children have of storms at night. It then shows the parents helping the children replace their fears by thinking of things that make them happy. There is a song included throughout the book that could be used to help your own little one when they feel afraid.
Final Verdict: I like that the parents are loving and understanding to the children when they are scared by the storms at night. Bless any parent that would actually get out of bed to make a fort and fix hot chocolate after being woken up and facing work in the morning. While this scenario is a bit of fantasy, it does provide a coping strategy to help a child feel better when scared.


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