Kid Review: The Little Magician by Susanna Isern


About This Book:

Abracadabra!” says Sophia, the little magician, and a jug of water is filled with frogs! Ordinary things are transformed when she casts her magic spells.

Sophia, the little magician, waves her magic wand and hilarious things happen. But one day, when her little brother rips some pages out of her spellbook, she gets angry and waves her wand…  “Abracadabra!”. What has she transformed little Hugo into?

A fun story that captures the best and not-so-best moments of being brother and sister!

*Review Contributed By Sara Perrera, Staff Reviewer*

Entertaining and funny

It’s hard to have a little brother or sister, someone who is always messing up your things, but the book The Little Magician teaches us a lesson about appreciating your siblings.

Sophia looks like an ordinary girl but she is an amazing magician who can change the color of her mom’s plants or make a random ostrich egg appear. When her little brother Hugo rips pages out of her spellbook Sophia changes him into a donkey. Hugo as a donkey is hysterical. He makes a big mess including pooping on one of Sophia’s stuffed animals. Before Sophia can turn Hugo back into a human he snatches the wand and breaks it in half. Sophie gets scared when her mom calls the fire department to remove a random donkey from their house. After reflecting on all the sweet moments she spent with Hugo, Sophia realizes that he is a good brother. Before the rescuers can take Hugo away, Sophia changes him back to human. Hugo ends the book by saying his first word “Abracadabra” and performing a bit of magic.

What I Liked: I think the brother-sister relationship that Sophia and Hugo have is very relatable. I’m sure some readers have wished that their sibling would disappear. The illustrations of Hugo as the donkey were silly and I found myself laughing at them.

What Left Me Wanting More: I want to see baby Hugo as a magician causing all sorts of havoc! I think the ending leaves it open that there could be additional books about the sibling magicians.

The Little Magician is a humorous story with a lesson.


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