Kid Review: Solstice: The Longest Shortest Day by Jen Breach


About This Book:

Explore the daily lives of children around the world through through the lens of a single, special day in June, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the shortest in the southern hemisphere.
The rising and setting of the Sun is one of the few truly common experiences in our diverse world. This book places that shared experience at the heart of its global story. 

Every year, during the June solstice, the Earth tilts towards the Sun, creating either the longest or shortest day of the year. Across the world, people celebrate this day in different ways, from bonfires and banquets to firework festivals and ancient rituals. In this book, you will celebrate the solstice alongside 14 fictional characters from 14 real places around the world. You will be transported to Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Ecuador, Indonesia, Nigeria, Nepal, Morocco, China, Turkey, America, the United Kingdom, and Norway. Each account is both a personal story and an informative narrative, full of cultural insight, geographical information, and words from each native language. Meanwhile, specially commissioned artwork, by illustrators from each place, bring familiarity and warmth to every page. 

The solstice is both a symbol of global unity and a celebration of cultural diversity. Here, this unique event takes center stage in a fascinating account of children’s lives around the world. 

Glossary and index included.

*Review Contributed By Rachel Feeck, Staff Reviewer*

Global Exploration of Science and Culture

Solstice is about much more than the sun. This full-color book offers a snapshot of a day in the life of fourteen children around the world, with each chapter illustrated by an artist with connections to that culture, ranging from the south pole to Nepal, Morocco to China, and many places in between.

This book is stuffed full with information, but it is still quite an easy read. Science lovers and language explorers can find fun facts like average temperatures and vocabulary words in the local language.

In addition to exploring solstice traditions, the children in each chapter talk about their family and daily life, which is a great way to learn about their local culture and what it means to grow up in different places.

This book is a celebration of global culture and the common things that bring us all together.


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