Kid Review: Merry Little Christmas: A Finger Wiggle Book By Sally Symes


About This Book:


Bring merry holiday characters to life with an interactive board book perfect for the littlest stockings.


Poke your fingers through the holes of this brightly colored book to make wiggly legs for eight holiday-themed characters. The snowman has very cold feet, the teddy bear wears green and red, the little man’s made of gingerbread . . . and even the jingly elf and the jolly old fellow himself can be set in motion with help from a reader and baby as they share a love of books together. Merry little Christmas!


*Review Contributed By Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*


cute, interactive board book


MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS is a cute, interactive board book with a Christmas theme. The book features a Christmas-related character on each page with holes for fingers to go through and be the legs. It includes reindeer, Santa, a tree topper, elf, and more. The text includes a brief sentence about what it is along with a sound related word for auditory fun.

What I loved: This is a really simple and interactive book. The finger element definitely makes the story with something children can explore on their own and with caregivers. The text is really simple, which will work best for older infants and young toddlers, with a sentence describing what it is as well as a sound-related phrase such as “ting-a-ling” and “flip-flap-flip” for some auditory fun. Children will giggle as they wiggle fingers through the book. The illustrations are cute, brightly colored, and with simple backgrounds that works well for the intended age group.

Final verdict: MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS is a fun, interactive board book that will charm the youngest readers around Christmas.

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