Kid Review: Marley’s Pride by Joëlle Retener


About This Book:

Marley is a little nonbinary kid with big anxieties. Crowds? Pass. Loud noises? No, thanks. When their Zaza is up for an award at Pride, they want to go to the parade for the first time with their beloved grandparent. But can Marley overcome their fears? Highlighting the joyful experiences of a queer family of color finding community at Pride, this story features endmatter about the history of Pride, a glossary of LGBTQ+ terms, and a list of resources.


*Review Contributed By Evren Dodd, Staff Reviewer*

A Simple but Beautiful Way of Exploring an Anxious Child’s First Time at Pride


MARLEY’S PRIDE follows the story of young transgender child Marley as they go to their first pride with their grandparent. They’ve wanted to go before, but every time their nerves have gotten the better of them. This year they are determined to join. A caring cast of characters helps Marley to feel more included and less nervous about the festival.

The artwork was simple, but beautiful. There were a lot of colors throughout the book, much like there would be at a pride festival. The illustrator’s inclusion of items like pronoun buttons and headphones were an effective way of showcasing inclusion.

The prose in this book was easy to understand and follow along. Marley’s description of their nervous feelings will allow other children to understand the feeling.

The end of the book including resources and answers to questions was a nice touch. It allows adults and children to have access to more information about pride and the LGBTQIA+ community. There is even a “find the flag” game.

MARLEY’S PRIDE is a beautiful story about one nonbinary child experiencing their first pride even though they’re nervous.

Good Points
I loved how Marley’s nervousness was described.
The backmatter was educational and fun

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