Kid Review: Look What I Found at the Beach by Moira Butterfield


About This Book:


Open your senses to a world of wonder by taking a walk along the beach!


Set off on an adventure and find natural treasures, from spiraled seashells to discarded mermaid’s purses. Then learn more about the marine plants and creatures in this fact-filled guide to the outdoors.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*


engaging and educational read


LOOK WHAT I FOUND AT THE BEACH is a delightful picture book that follows three friends on their trip to the beach. The book provides a quick rhyme with items to look for in each beach scene, and the next spread gives more detail about those items/animals and gives more to discover. For instance, the first scene has the reader find some specific shells before the next page goes into different shapes they can see and facts about shells and the animals that live within them. The book covers several different topics of things children could see at the beach with interesting facts and details they might notice on their next visit.

What I loved: This was such an informative and engaging read. The colorful spreads are quite interactive with things to search for and plenty to see. The facts provided are really interesting, and I appreciated the narrow scope of each topic throughout, focusing on a particular animal/item at the beach. There was plenty to learn, and some facts were things that I did not even know. Children will enjoy the way the book reads as well as the detailed illustrations.

Final verdict: An educational and interactive picture book, LOOK WHAT I FOUND AT THE BEACH is an engaging read that preschool and elementary school aged readers are sure to enjoy.


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