Kid Review: Fraser the Forest Ranger by Matthew Schufman


About This Book:

Fraser the Forest Ranger is on a mission: to find one true friend. He searches far and wide, but he might just discover a best friend is closer than he thinks.


Fraser is a Forest Ranger and he loves his job. He checks on the trees, he checks on the animals, and he always ends his day with a stack of pancakes by the fire. But being a forest ranger can get lonely. Fraser spends his nights, weekends, and even birthdays alone. So, Fraser sets out to find a friend. He travels far. But the beach is too hot, the zoo makes him miss his own animal friends back home, and everyone in the city is too busy. All hope seems lost, but could it be that Fraser is just one wrong turn away from a true friend after all?

Matthew Schufman’s heartwarming debut featuring his bold and expressive illustrations make Fraser the Forest Ranger a friend that young readers will be asking to visit again and again.


*Review Contributed By Sara Perrera, Staff Reviewer*

Positive Message

Fraser the Forest Ranger is a sweet story that follows Fraser as he leaves the forest in search of a friend. Fraser loves his job as a forest ranger where he tends to the trees and watches the animals, but he yearns for a real friend. Fraser decides to leave the forest to find a friend. He embarks on adventures to the beach, the zoo, and the city, searching for someone to connect with. However, the beach is too hot, the zoo makes him miss his animal friends in the forest and the city folks are too busy to pay attention to him. Disheartened, Fraser begins to think he might be destined for solitude.
Just as hope seems lost, Fraser takes a wrong turn and stumbles upon something unexpected.

Matthew Schufman’s illustration style is charming, and I like how he differentiates the forest scenes from the city ones with the use of color.

The book is a great reminder of the importance of friendship, and sometimes making a connection requires stepping into the unknown.


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