Kid Review: Flipflopi: How a Boat Made from Flip-Flops Is Helping to Save the Ocean by Dipesh Pabari


About This Book:

Juma is excited to go fishing with his grandfather, Babu Ali. But when they get to the beach, they find the sand covered in plastic pollution–flip-flops, plastic straws, toothbrushes, bottles, and shopping bags. One of the flip-flops floating in on a wave looks like a boat. That gives Juma and Babu Ali an idea. 

Based on the true story of the Kenyan dhow boat Flipflopi, this inspirational tale demonstrates how innovation, art, and determination can transform plastic pollution into something useful. In 2017, 30,000 flip-flops and other plastic waste items, all collected from the Kenyan coast, were melted, shaped, and carved into the dhow named Flipflopi. Weighing in at 7 tons, this boat is a testament to what can happen when awareness is turned into action.

*Review Contributed By Cherokee Crum, Staff Reviewer*

Fun and Insightful

My children and I found Flipflopi to be a fun, meaningful and interesting book.

The journey from trash to boat was interesting, my kids got a huge kick out of seeing if the boat would actually float. The added information about Flipflopi was amazing; after reading the story we checked out the website and watched some Youtube videos.

I rather liked that the story focused on pollution, with added tips at the end on ways to reduce said pollution by eliminating single-use plastics.
I would have liked more details on how they melted down the plastics and the boat was actually crafted, and the impact it maybe had on air pollution.

The illustrations are colorful and help drive home the impact of pollution/trash on our lands and in the waters. The artist did a fantastic job capturing the characters facial expressions throughout the story.


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