Kid Review: Family Ever After by Francesca De Luca


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Then, one fine day, Boo stops to sigh, “We’re not the same.” He wonders why. “Look closely, Boo, and you will find families of all different kinds.” When little mouse Mo spots an egg washed up on the shore, he can’t find who it belongs to. So, he takes it home to show his husband Jo and, together, they raise the adorable chick that hatches from it as their son. Celebrating diverse families and what they all have in common. . . love!


*Review Contributed by Oliva Farr, Staff Reviewer*


beautiful story of family


A beautiful board book celebrating families of all kinds, FAMILY EVER AFTER is a charming and rhyming read that is sure to delight young readers. Mo is wandering one day when he finds an egg. He tries to bring it to the birds, but they tell him it is not theirs. He then takes it home to his husband, Jo, and they are soon a family of three with Boo, the bird.

One day, Boo notices that their family is not like others, and asks his dads about it. They show him that many families look different and can be made so many different ways – the important thing is the love that they share.

What I loved: This is such a beautiful celebration of different types of families, including those of LGBT parents, but also the many different ways that families can be made. The book emphasizes that the important thing is the love that is shared between them – a lovely message. The text has a fantastic rhyme and rhythm that makes it fun to read aloud and rolls off the tongue smoothly. The illustrations are gorgeous, full of color, detail, and adorable characters. The message really shines through this positive and heartwarming story of family. This is a great book for young readers who can enjoy the rhymes, quickly turning pages, and fantastic illustrations.

Final verdict: A beautifully illustrated board book, FAMILY EVER AFTER is a heartwarming celebration of family and love. Highly recommend for toddlers and preschoolers.


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