Kid Review: Do You Know?: Farm Animals, Work, and Life by Camille Babeau


About This Book:

What do farmers do? How are plants grown? Where do the animals live? The Do You Know? series provides an in-depth look at a wide range of popular subjects. Appealing to children who want to know everything, each thought-provoking book features:
• 80 or more pages of engaging and educational answers to many popular questions
• Hundreds of labeled, full-color illustrations
• Educational content reviewed by experts


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• Great family and classroom read-aloud book
• Books for 5 and up
• Books for kindergarten and early elementary school students


*Review Contributed By Cherokee Crum, Staff Reviewer*

Wonderful first look at farming

Do You Know?: Farm Animals, Work, and Life contains around 80 pages all about farming, detailing different aspects of farming and illustrated with a diverse cast of people and animals!

The information provided is great! The author touches on various parts of farm life, such as crops, animals, weather, and even permaculture! The review pages after each main section made for a fun interactive aspect.

There are not characters per se, however each spread show cases a diverse set of children participating in farm chores or just every day activities made possible by a farm.
The illustrations are bright and cute, with a majority labeled for educational purposes.

This would make a great addition to one’s home library or as a fun educational resource!


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