Kid Review: Daddy Speaks Love by Leah Henderson


About This Book:


A moving tribute to the joy and grounding that fathers bring to their children’s lives.


What does a daddy do? From day one, this daddy speaks love to his little one. And along with that love, his words and actions speak many other things, too: like truth, joy, comfort, and pride. Like many dads, he answers a million questions and tries to make sure that days are full of fun adventures, giggles, and hugs. Dads are good at scaring away imaginary monsters, and honest about how to confront the real ones too. They set an example for the future, speaking out for equality and justice, while sharing lessons from the past. But most of all, daddies encourage their young ones to fight for a better world, with the comfort of knowing their dads are right beside them. Daddy Speaks Love speaks to that everlasting bond between children and their fathers and is a perfect gift for special occasions including Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, baby showers, and more!


*Review Contributed by Connie Reid, Site Manager*


A Soulful depiction of the Father/Child relationship


What I Liked: This book was inspired by Gianna Floyd after her father, George Floyd’s tragic death in 2020. The use of watercolor makes this a more soulful and thoughtful rendering of the bond between fathers and children. I like that it represents fathers and children of different ethnicities. It highlights that a father is there to protect and teach his children. He is there to answer questions and give his children room to learn from mistakes. The emotion in the book becomes more powerful when it then directs the audience that a father is also supposed to teach about heroes and the future and to stand up for unity, trust, and pride so that we seek change that leads to true equality.
Final Verdict: This book celebrates the special role of a father to his children. It encompasses many examples of his job as a teacher and protector. It also seeks to inspire change and is a good addition for those seeking Black Lives Matter literature for younger children.


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