Kid Review: Daddies Build Dreams by Becky Davies


About This Book:


Daddies can do anything—they can dig for buried treasure, make rocket ships out of cardboard, and build tree houses, and they’re always there to love their children!


This joyful offering celebrates how amazing dads are! They do all kinds of wonderful things, from digging for buried treasure (carrots) in the yard, making rocket ships out of cardboard, and taking the canoe out for adventures to fixing boo-boos, playing the guitar, performing magic, and building an extra-special tree house. Dads teach their children that they can be whatever they want to be. But most of all, they support their little ones and love them unconditionally.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*


imaginative picture book celebrating fathers


DADDIES BUILD DREAMS is an imaginative and encouraging read about the special role fathers play in their children’s lives. Fathers expand horizons by participating in special projects like building rockets, take kids on adventures, and on special days, they have superhuman strength and are even rock stars. Importantly, fathers help them to follow their dreams and that they can do anything.

What I loved: This is a magical and imaginative story about all the ways that fathers enrich their children’s lives and the ways they encourage fun. The picture book would make a great gift book, ending with a message of “I love you, Daddy!” Each page is illustrated with different father and child animal duos, such as moose, rhinos, monkeys, and more. The beautifully colored and whimsical images really add to the text to create something special. The inclusion of a father in a wheelchair was also a great touch to add some diversity.

Final verdict: A whimsical and imaginative celebration of fathers, DADDIES BUILD DREAMS is a colorful story that captures the special love between parent and child.


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