Kid Review: Daddies and daughters Stick together by Aissatou, Aissatou Balde, Diariatou Sow


About This Book:


Diari doesn’t mind when Mommy goes into the city for work, because she and her little sister, Fatima, get to spend the whole day with Daddy.
From when the moon trades places with the sun until the sun trades places with the moon, daddies and daughters do everything together. A day with Daddy means cooking, learning, dancing, and playing. After all, Daddy knows that with a little imagination, a sense of fun, and a lot of love, every part of a normal day can feel special!

*Review Contributed by Connie Reid, Site Manager*


Daddies and daughters stick together


What I Loved: I love the bright illustrations that contribute to the feeling of love and happiness in this book. This book is a direct reflection of how this author’s family has a strong relationship and lots of love and joy when they are together. This father is so sweet to his girls. He cooks, plays, and teaches them as he takes an equal role in parenting his children when his wife is at work. The story is very relatable as the children go through normal life that still feels like a special day because their daddy is so attentive to caring for them. I love the positive words the girls are internalizing about how smart, kind, and strong they are. I like that they all seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.
What Left Me Wanting More: The illustrations and messages are very positive and bright. In places, the language feels less realistic and more like the idealized version of a perfect day.
Final Verdict: I love the celebration of the relationship this father has with his girls. It is hopeful and uplifting during these current times that can feel so uncertain. It reminds us that there is joy and happiness in being together even if it is a normal day around the house. This is a nice conflict-free picture book that celebrates amazing fathers.


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