Kid Review: Babies Love Nature (A Tummy Time Book) by Susanne König


About This Book:


An accordion-shaped board book created specifically for tummy time for babies–and families–who love nature!


This wordless accordion-shaped board book is filled with twenty different nature scenes drawn in bold black-and-white art, perfect for a baby’s developing mind. The book is meant to stand up on a baby’s play mat so they can lift their heads to look at the pictures. And once they’ve looked at one side, you can flip the book over to give them ten new natural objects and vistas to enjoy!


*Review Contributed by Connie Reid, Staff Reviewer*


Made for young babies


What I Liked: This tummy time book is made specifically for very young babies. It is an accordion-folded board book with black and white intricate drawings representing images from real life on the front and backside. It is a sweet touch that each image is contained in a heart shape drawing. There are 20 drawings ensuring that there are plenty of pictures to capture your baby’s interest during this stage of development. I wish I had known about this book series when my babies were little. I was using glue and construction paper to prop up images to achieve the same effect and probably not nearly as well as this book does. This would make a great baby shower gift!


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