Kid Review: As the Seas Rise: Nicole Hernandez Hammer and the Fight for Climate Justice by Angela Quezada Padron


About This Book:

This inspiring picture book biography introduces environmental scientist Nicole Hernández Hammer, who was recognized by former first lady Michelle Obama at the 2015 State of the Union Address for her efforts to partner with vulnerable communities threatened by climate change.


Nicole had seen many sides of nature,
but nature was changing.
The climate was changing.
Bigger storms were brewing,
and she wanted to know why.

As a baby, Nicole survived an earthquake in Guatemala. She grew up in Guatemala’s beautiful jungles. Throughout her life, Nicole witnessed the power and wonder of nature. But she soon realized nature was in trouble. Her own community in Florida was struggling. And everyone needed to become resilient.

In this lyrical biography, readers will meet environmental scientist and climate activist Nicole Hernández Hammer and hear the message she’s spent her career sharing: As we look to the future, we can empower and protect our communities. But that will only be possible if we all work together—including the smallest of us.


*Review Contributed By Cherokee Crum, Staff Reviewer*

An important read in more ways than one

As the Seas Rise is a thoughtful glimpse at how the life story and heritage drove Nicole Hernandez Hammer’s passion for climate justice. It shows the impact that one person can have to encourage change on a large scale.

The focus on Hammer’s cultural background and how it helped her connect with and empower more people is an understated celebration of diversity.

With As the Seas Rise, children are introduced to concepts such as environmental justice, social change, and the impact weather can have on different communities.
The back-matter includes information on Nicole Hernandez Hammer, as well as different climate change facts and what you can do to help. The resources sited/provided are wonderful.

The illustrations are beautiful and vibrant, with wide representation from cover to cover.


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