Kid Review: All About the Heart by Remi Kowalski


About This Book:


Does your heart really stop when you sneeze? Can it break? How does our heart compare to the heart of other creatures? Curious kids will find the answers to these questions and more in All About the Heart by leading pediatric cardiologist Dr Remi Kowalski.
The first book in a nonfiction series Berbay is launching, authored my pediatric medical experts in their fields. Presented in a kid-friendly, exciting way, these illustrated books – which can be read cover to cover – are designed to help kids better understand the way their bodies work and appreciate how incredible they are. 

“A superb way to showcase the circulatory system, All About the Heart will be enjoyed by curious children.” Books + Publishing 

*Review Contributed By Connie Reid, Staff Reviewer*

Foundational Knowledge about the Heart

All About the Heart gives a good foundational knowledge about the structure, purpose, and keeping the heart healthy. The vocabulary used was high level and the illustrations and following descriptions made it easy to understand. The illustrative style was not my favorite although I do understand why red and blue were used and I appreciate that it was illustrations and not photographs. It does mention keeping your heart healthy and the fact that eventually, it will stop at the end of your life. It focuses on normal heart function, so if you are a reader with a heart condition/defect this is a good place to learn what a heart should be like but further research is needed after that. Overall, this book gives many easy-to-understand facts about the human heart.


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